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Sunday, June 30, 2013


This Tuesday, me and my friend Rebecca took a spontaneous roadtrip to Sölvesborg (a town near my) where our first stop was a beautiful field with an amazing light settings and some cute cows.
With a lot of unnecessary picture and too much time spend on “cow-sounds” we hit the road again towards the new built bridge in Sölvesborg. After that we went to Sandviken and Västra Näs for a quick visit.
With a sun that almost had disappeared we started to head home, or that what we thought. Rebecca saw a few extra stops. Like this little road close to a magical field.
Of course we had some picnic with us. Strawberry and dipped chocolate almonds and Sanpellegrino (yummy!). A perfect way to spend a Thursday evening!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

☾ the moon, my friend ☽

A night ago was there a so called ”super-moon” (it is when the moon is at its closest to earth). It wasn’t enormous but it shined as the sun shine (haha almost). I thought I could use the light to create a mystical feeling, and lucky me, there was fog that night. I am really happy with the result, number 2 & 5 are my favorites, which are yours?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a day with horses

Here are some pictures from a day from when I took some picture of my friend and her horses. I will try to blog more now on, because I will go to Stockholm soon and after that I will start work. Anyway, I wish you all a great summer and that I will see you soon.