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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

back to school

hello, it has been while now since I posted something here! it is many reasons why I haven't posted something in a while, first of all I have been without a computer, my luck strikes again. And without time and insperation I just lost my passion photo and bloging there for a while, but now 2013, I hope I can start bloging again and take more photos, and I actually looking forward to 2013 to see what kind of year this can be!
Here we have some self portraits I took this week, felt that I needed a new pair of photos of myself. And I have more to show, both of this and lot of photo shoots I have done. Later on will I do a post with "photos of 2012" to see for myself how I have developed and for show you as well!
I hope you have had a wonderful christmas and new years eve, but now it is time for school and work again. See you guys later!


hello,think before you write, okey?