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Friday, February 14, 2014

TSD14 - Teodora

here is my first shoot in my project think shoot develop 14, that will be my main project during 2014 as a photographer. it is not a part of my education, we just have to create projects in different areas, and mine is to develop as a photographer. the title, is the idea behind my concept. as I get inspiration and starting to create a picture in my, ask people around and planning, and then actually shoot. and after I publish my photos here, which is the last step, I will comment and reflect and see if i develop over 2014.

for this first one, i just got an image in my head while we drove by one of the places. and a picture of this tough and bad-as girl just standing there just popped up in my head. Planning, planning and preparing, and all the sudden on a cold winter day, me and teodora (that been my most popular model now) took some photos. here you go.

A conclusion then. I am happy with editing, and I was quite sure what kind of colors and light I wanted. maybe I should be more prepared with different sorts of styles and poses, often I only have one picture in my head and after that I lose focus and starting to improvise to much and can go quite bad.
So, before the actually photosession, be creative and while the photosession perform and be creative.

Next TSD14-shoot will be tomorrow and I hope it will be even better then this one!

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